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We gave Will over at Mikeys R/C one of our first prototypes so he could put it through the ringer. See the review below, thanks Will!

     Since we let Will have free reign, we have made refinements to make the quad more functional and sleek looking. All of our frames include strengthened interior motor mount plates with threaded nuts to withstand hard impacts, and an overlapping 2-piece design with an engineered bonding technique to ensure every frame is watertight.

Customizable Ready-to-Fly (RTF) units are now available for purchase, please email us for more information

Slate QuadMotor Mounts
Clear QuadMotor Mounts (Internal)

Reinforced Motor Support

Multiple Quads

A few different color combinations

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing delays in the processing of our frames. Shipping is approximately 4 weeks out from the initial date of the order. If you would like a status update, please email or call us. We greatly appreciate your support for our products and look forward to providing faster processing times in the near future. Thank you